Bob Woodbury, FIS/NYCE

Bob Woodbury is responsible for Payment Networks at FIS and is General Manager of NYCE Payments Network, LLC, an FIS company. In his role, Woodbury is responsible for ensuring that FIS delivers leading-edge payment solutions while executing the strategic vision for NYCE, AFFN, SUM and Everlink. Woodbury also manages the growth of nationwide and international access of NYCE to thousands of financial institutions throughout the U.S. and the international financial community. Woodbury drives FIS’ combined network goals for growth and market leadership including business development and strategic partnerships.

Woodbury joined FIS in 2001 and has held a number of key positions in Product, Technology and Operations. Before joining NYCE, Mr. Woodbury worked for Summit Bancorp of New Jersey for over 24 years, holding multiple positions in technology, retail, and operations, most recently as Vice President of Alternate Delivery Systems directing strategies regarding its electronic banking channels.

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