Card-Not-Present Fraud Working Committee

The Card-Not-Present (CNP) Fraud Working Committee goal is to create a comprehensive best practices strategy to mitigate card-not-present fraud, using a balanced approach considering all key stakeholders – issuers, consumers, merchants, acquirers, networks and third parties. Working Committee projects include benchmarking potential tools used to address fraud, monitoring fraud levels and collaborating with other organizations to understand fraud costs, and providing best practices for online fraud management.

The CNP Fraud Working Committee co-chairs are:

  • Lesley Pollard, UBS Bank USA
  • Alan Whittemore, American Express

The CNP Fraud Working Committee has completed educational resources on best practices to mitigate CNP Fraud, including:

Working Committee participation is open to all U.S. Payments Forum members. Contact Devon Rohrer, [email protected] , for information on Working Committee participation or projects.

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