Membership Benefits

Join the U.S. Payments Forum and be part of the only organization representing the entire payments ecosystem. Through Forum activities, you will have the opportunity to address the implementation of a wide range of emerging technologies relevant to the U.S. payments infrastructure, including EMV, tokenization, card-not-present fraud mitigation technologies, encryption, and mobile and contactless payments.

The Forum offers many benefits at each level of membership, including:

  • Visibility– Putting your organization at the forefront of leaders in the payments industry through active participation in Forum activities, projects and meetings and through the organization’s outreach efforts promoting EMV and other new and emerging payments technologies
  • Influence –Working with your industry peers to contribute to the U.S. payments industry policies and best practices for the design, implementation, and use of EMV-enabled cards, devices and terminals and for implementation of new and emerging payments technologies
  • Access– Collaborating with payments industry leaders to discuss and determine best practices for implementation of emerging payments technologies in the U.S.
  • Networking– Establishing valuable contacts to help your organization establish your strategy for supporting emerging payments technologies
  • Innovation– Working with peers to explore opportunities and challenges and to help prepare the U.S. payments infrastructure for emerging payments technologies
  • Lower research or implementation costs– Sharing work with peers from other organizations to reduce the time and cost needed to think through and plan complex payments implementation details, develop best practices and resolve industry issues
  • Information, research and learning– Gaining priority access to new policies, technology advances, and legislative changes through Forum activities, projects and meetings
  • Business and industry outreach– Carrying your message promoting the value of emerging payments technologies to the U.S. payments industry
  • Public opinion influence– Providing a unified, credible industry voice for payments in the U.S. that no single member can achieve alone with policy makers, media, analysts and other influencers
  • Advance knowledge – Gaining market advantage by getting information and acting on it before many “outsiders” know it is happening

Ready to join? Take a look at the membership kit, or find a membership application here.

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