Petroleum Working Committee

The Petroleum Working Committee is for all interested parties to work collaboratively to identify, review and resolve challenges associated with implementation of EMV within the U.S. petroleum and convenience market.  The Petroleum Working Committee includes payment networks, petroleum and convenience merchants, petroleum-specific acquirers, petroleum and convenience POS vendors and fuel dispenser manufacturers, and other organizations servicing the petroleum and convenience category.

Petroleum Working Committee co-chairs are:

  • Kara Gunderson
  • Harish Veeravalli, Dover Fueling Solutions

The Petroleum Working Committee projects have included:

  • Education sessions at Forum meetings on testing and certification for EMV implementation in the petroleum industry.
  • Workshop on petroleum industry payments implementations and the impact of EMV migration.
  • Joint project on fleet card requirements with Conexxus.

The Petroleum Working Committee has completed resources to assist the U.S. petroleum industry with EMV migration, including:

Working Committee participation is open to all U.S. Payments Forum members. Contact Devon Rohrer, [email protected] , for information on Working Committee participation or projects.

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