The U.S. Payments Forum membership and Steering Committee develop the priority topics and establish the plans for addressing and communicating the topics and conclusions to the industry. The following activities – many of which require some level of industry cooperation and/or coordination– comprise the majority of Forum work:

  • Providing actionable guidance on technical issues, consumer awareness and other non-proprietary issues relating to industry-wide adoption and implementation of new and emerging payments technologies
  • Developing non-proprietary best practices and training materials necessary for successful implementation of new payments technologies within the United States
  • Discussing the coordination of process-related elements of the payments infrastructure necessary to introduce new payments technologies
  • Discussing and engaging in projects to facilitate consumer adoption and allow for a more consistent consumer experience
  • Providing implementation and feedback to standards bodies on proposed standards for new payments technologies
  • Creating an environment for open discussion on new payments technologies among payments industry stakeholders
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