Working Committees

The U.S. Payments Forum has seven working committees focused on different topics relevant to EMV migration and emerging payments technologies. Working committees are formed to address critical topics chosen by Forum members and approved by the Forum Steering Committee. Working committees are led by member co-chairs; Forum members can join any working committee and lead or participate in committee projects. Projects are defined by the committee members to focus on the critical issues or challenges that impact the U.S. payments industry migration to EMV or implementation of new payments technologies.  Working committees meet at U.S. Payments Forum in-person meetings and in regular teleconferences.

Other Member Groups

The U.S. Payments Forum includes other organized member groups and project teams to facilitate discussion of issues and create educational resources for the payments industry.

  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) meet at Forum in-person meetings and discuss topics and issues relevant to SIG participants.
  • Birds of a Feathers (BoFs) sessions are held at Forum in-person meetings to discuss topics or provide education specific to a technology or an industry stakeholder group.
  • Steering Committee-led project teams are formed to create educational resources for the payments industry.

If you have questions or would like information about the Working Committees or Special Interest Groups, please contact Devon Rohrer at [email protected].

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