ATM Working Committee

The ATM Working Committee goal is to explore the challenges of EMV migration for the U.S. ATM industry, work to identify possible solutions to challenges, and facilitate the sharing of best practices with the various industry constituents, with the goal result being more positive EMV migration experience for consumers.  The Working Committee will serve to provide input, solutions, and expertise that are specific to the needs of the ATM channel to other U.S. Payments Forum working committees.

ATM Working Committee co-chairs are:

  • Marcelo Castro, Diebold Nixdorf
  • Alicia Moore, Visa
  • Bryan Nimphius, American Express

The ATM Working Committee has completed educational resources for the ATM industry, including:

Working Committee participation is open to all U.S. Payments Forum members. Contact Devon Rohrer, [email protected] , for information on Working Committee participation or projects.

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