Special Interest Groups / Birds of a Feather Sessions

Special Interest Groups

The U.S. Payments Forum has three special interest groups (SIGs), one for merchants, one for issuers and one for discussion of mobile topics.  SIGs meet at all Forum in-person meetings and discuss topics and issues relevant to SIG participants. Examples of topics discussed in SIG sessions have been:

  • Cardholder education and communications best practices
  • Offline transaction implementation
  • EMV implementation best practices
  • Contactless EMV payments implementation best practices
  • Transaction data quality
  • EMV migration planning best practices
  • Issuer and third party wallets
  • Merchant acceptance of mobile payments

Current SIG leads are:

  • Issuer SIG: Jesse Lee, Wells Fargo
  • Merchant SIG: Kristy Cook, Target
  • Mobile SIG: Deborah Baxley, PayGility Advisors

Birds of a Feather Sessions

In addition to SIG meetings, “birds of a feather” sessions are also held at Forum meetings to discuss topics or provide education specific to a technology or an industry stakeholder group. Past sessions have covered topics relevant to:

  • Hospitality merchants
  • Grocery merchants
  • Unattended EMV implementations
  • Independent software vendors (ISVs)/value-added resellers (VARS)
  • Chargeback best practices
  • Transaction time optimization
  • Mobile payments
  • Tokenization implementation

If you have questions or would like information about the Working Committees or Special Interest Groups, please contact Cathy Medich at [email protected].


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