Special Interest Groups / Birds of a Feather Sessions

Special Interest Groups

The U.S. Payments Forum has two special interest groups (SIGs), one for merchants and one for issuers.  SIGs meet at all Forum in-person meetings and discuss topics and issues relevant to SIG participants. Examples of topics discussed in SIG sessions have been:

  • Cardholder education and communications best practices
  • Offline transaction implementation
  • EMV implementation best practices
  • Contactless EMV payments implementation best practices
  • Transaction data quality
  • EMV migration planning best practices

Current SIG leads are:

  • Issuer SIG: Jesse Lee, Wells Fargo
  • Merchant SIG: Kristy Cook, Target

Birds of a Feather Sessions

In addition to SIG meetings, “birds of a feather” sessions are also held at Forum meetings to discuss topics or provide education specific to a technology or an industry stakeholder group. Past sessions have covered topics relevant to:

  • Hospitality merchants
  • Grocery merchants
  • Unattended EMV implementations
  • Independent software vendors (ISVs)/value-added resellers (VARS)
  • Chargeback best practices
  • Transaction time optimization
  • Mobile payments
  • Tokenization implementation

If you have questions or would like information about the Working Committees or Special Interest Groups, please contact Cathy Medich at [email protected].


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