Abhigyan Mukherjee Aurus,Inc Product Manager
Abhishek Kulkarni Aurus,Inc Vice President
Abu Carri Mastercard VP, Product Management
Adriane Orr Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security
Akshay Kulkarni Aurus,Inc Developer
Alan Whittemore American Express Manager, Industry Engagement Strategy
Alex Knight Global Payments Director Global Solutions
Amy Marques Mastercard Product Manager
Ana Maria Gansmann Discover
Andreas Aabye Visa
Andrea Woodroffe American Express Product Manager
Andres Porras Walmart Director, Emerging Payments
Andrew Marks The Kroger Co. Manager
Andrew Patania Elavon Inc Senior Director
Angela Lofty Global Payments Manager, Enterprise Compliance
Anthony Hale TSYS Project Manager
Arash Kahvazadeh Mastercard
Ashwini Pitke Aurus Tech Pvt. Ltd. Software developer
Augustine Lim Interac Corp. Senior Manager, Cash and International Money Movement
Barbara Griffith Wells Fargo Payments Consultant
Beatriz Gonzalez PAX Technology Inc. Marketing Communications Leader
Becca Speck Discover
Berke Baydu Mastercard Director
Beth Odom Global Payments (TSYS) Sr. Product Manager
Blake Holland Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security
Blake Rogolsky
Bradford Loewy NCR Product Manager – Major Oils
Brad Mares Target Sr Manager, Fraud Strategy
Brady Cullimore American Express Director, Merchant Fraud Capabilities
Brandon Cranford Woodforest National Bank SVP Director of Payments
Brandon Merrifield Elavon Certification Analyst
Breann Pridgen Discover
Brenda Barnes American Express Payment Vendor Relations
Brent Bowen Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security
Brett Chemaly Discover
Brett McLeod American Express Sr. Manager – Global PIN & Contactless Capabilities
Brian Byrne EMVCo Director of Engagement and Operations
Brian Pritchard Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions
Brian Russell Verifone Business Analyst
Brian Summerhayes Barnes International Limited Managing Director
Burt Wilhelm Discover
Carey Ferro American Express Director Industry Engagement Strategy
Carla Epp TSYS Director, Project Management
Carmen Paraschiv PAX Technology Inc. VP of Compliance
Casey Shugars Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security
Cassadnra Spalding Pax Technology Account Manager
Chad Debolt Discover
Charlie Spatola JCB International Credit Card Co VP
Chasity Price Elavon Certifications
Cheryl Mish Discover
Chris Dorrell PSCU Strategic Product Manager
Chris Drury Fifth Third Bank Debit Product Manager
Chris Roberts Wells Fargo Debit Card Systems and Operations
Christine Ring Visa Director
Christoffel Brummer Visa Sr Director
Cindy Kohler Visa Inc Senior Director
Cindy Zhang UnionPay International Business Development Manager
CJ Medich USPF
Clinton Cady W. Capra Consulting Group Director of Payments
Clyde Van Blarcum American Express Director
Cristina Dutra PAX Technology, Inc. Graphic Design
Danielle Bataglia Discover
Daniel Omiliak W. Capra Consulting Group Senior Consultant
Danny High Kroger
Dave Blust Discover
Dave Ewald B2 Payments USA Principal Consultant
David Bennett Toshiba Global Commerce Systems
David Castillo Starbucks Lead Software Engineer
David McDowell American Express
David Shin Nidec Sankyo America Director
David TRUE PayGility Advisors Partner
Dawn Fichtner-Jean Discover
Deborah Baxley PayGility Advisors Partner
Deborah Baxley PayGility Advisors Partner
Deepa Kuo Discover
Deepti Goorha Best Buy Financial Services Manager
Denis Bouchard The Wendy's Company Assistant Treasurer
Denise Noha Barnes International
Deziree Strait Nidec Sankyo America Corporation Sales & Marketing Asst. Manager
Diana Molitor FIS Business Consultant
Dino Ferrari Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security
Dmitry Tarusov Cubic Transportation Systems Senior Principal Software Engineer
Dustin Read PAX Technology QA Lead & Sales Engineer
Eduardo Carlos Discover
Edward Perez Verifone Head of Card Brand and Processor Compliance NA
ellen wu China UnionPay USA LLC VP
Emily McNally Thales Marketing Manager
Emily Santos Truist
ERica Humiston Target Sr Payment Acceptance Manager
Eric Hanna Verifone Agile Release Manager, Petro Solutions
Eric Leighow PSECU Director Visa Services
Eric yang UnionPay Senior Business Manager
Evelyn Loran Visa Inc Sr. Director
Evelyn Loran Visa Sr. Director
Fang Hou China UnionPay (USA) Head of Marketing
Francine Dubois IDEMIA
Gabriela Loayza Discover
Gajanan Mundha Aurus,Inc Project Lead
George Danforth PULSE VP
Gerald Blight Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security
Gilles Roethlisberger Thales NorAm EMV Technical Consultant Director
Gina Powers Dunkin' Brands, Inc. Assistant Treasurer
Ginger Wu ID TECH
Graham Baldock B2 Processing Solutions Inc. Vice President
Gregory MacDonald American Express Director
Harish Veeravalli Dover Fueling Solutions Product Manager
Heather Hatch PAX Technology, Inc. VP of Business Development
Henk van Dam UL Cybersecurity Payment Lead
Hersh Mansukhani Adyen Partnerships Manager
Itai Sela B2 Payments USA CEO
Jack Dickinson Dover Fueling Solutions Strategic Account Sr Manager
jacob gaddis UnionPay Director
James Hinson Elavon Project Manager
Jamie Geleynse Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security
Jamie Topolski Fiserv Director
Janet Liddiard American Express
Jan King Fiserv Product
Jason Hall ID TECH Product Manager
Jay Dubina Jack Henry & Associates Fraud Systems Admin Manager
Jay myers American Express Director, Payment Vendor Relations
Jean-Ann Langert Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security
Jeff Bedell Barnes International, Ltd VP Business Development
Jeff Owenson Discover
Jeff Rada Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Business Analyst
Jeffrey Deng Entrust Datacard GLobal INdustry Consult
Jeff Singleton Worldpay from FIS Principle Product Manager
Jennifer Schroeder Discover
Jesse Marcus CapitalOne
Jessica Shenson Adyen Payment Partnerships Manager
JJ Kieley American Express Vice President, Payments Consulting Group, US & LAC
Jodie Wineski SHAZAM Network Relationship Manager
Joe Gile Kroger Application Analyst
John Colaiacovo American Express Analyst
John Compton Kroger
John Molina bp Service Owner
Joseph Vasterling Best Buy Director- Payment Acceptance
Joshua Martiesian Visa
Joyce Mehlman iLEX Group, LLC CEO/Owner
Julia Daly American Express Sr Manager
Julie Beckius Entrust Strategic Alliance Development Manager
Julie Monteiro Dunkin' Brands Inc Manager, Electronic Payments
Justin ONeill Capital One Principal Investigative Analyst
Kacie Ferguson
Kaley Nordling Target Director RedCard Fraud Prevention
Kara Gunderson CITGO Petroleum Corporation Manager, Payment Card Operations
Kara Kazazean Walmart Senior Director
Kate Erickson McDonalds Cashless Payments
Kate Weiler Discover Director
Kathryn Froehlich McDonald's Corporation Director, US Technology
Kathy Lee Discover
Kausheel Kolar Venu Verifone Software QA Engineer
Keith Koval UBS
Kelly Haren Walmart, Inc. Director, Payment Services
Keri Crane Jack Henry & Associates Product Communications Manager
Kerry Greiner Fifth Third Bank VP – Senior Bankcard Product Manager
Kevin Halliburton Global Payments Sr. Director, Enterprise Compliance
Kevin Humbel Fifth Third Bank VP, Sr. Manager
Kevin Kelso Elavon Inc Senior Director of Certification and Integration
Kevin Sullivan UnionPay International Director
Kevin Tran American Express Manager – Product Dev and Mgmt
Kimberly Cromer FIS Global Network Support Manager Senior
Kimberly Sutch Target Product Director
Kim Titus JCB International Credit Card Co., Ltd. Vice President
KJ Nikolaus U.S. Bank / Voyager AVP Product Manager
Kristina Breen
Kristy Cook Target Director, Payment Acceptance Technology
Kris Wells Discover
Kunal Oswal Aurus,Inc Product Manager
Kyle Liu PAX Technology Inc Integration Lead
Lam Van Lund Mastercard Director
Laura Schlachter Discover
Laura Townsend Merchant Advisory Group Chief Operations Officer
Lauren Helt American Express
Lawrence Sutton Vix Technology Solutions Architect
Layne LaBadie JCB International Credit Card Co.
LeAnn Hostetler pax Payment Compliance Officer
Lee Wang China UnionPay (USA) LLC Merchant Development Manager
Linda Horwath JCB Int'l Credit Card Co., Ltd. Vice President
Linda Toth Conexxus Managing Director
Lindsay Combs American Express Manager
Lindsay Page (Gale) Tango Card, Inc Director of Partnerships
Lindsey Theiss The Wendy's Company Sr Analyst – Fraud and Payments
Liz Lorenz American Express Director, Marketing
Lori Breitzke FIS VP
Lori Pierce McDonald's Corporation Global Cashless Payments Manager
Luis Lopez Toshiba Payments Architect
Lynsey Soliday The Wendy's Company Product Owner – Payments
Malcolm Carney PAX Technology Inc. Technical Writer
Malcolm Jackson Director, Product Services
Mangesh Bhosale Aurus,Inc Director
Manish Nathwani SHAZAM Sr. VP, Product Development
Mansour Karimzadeh Smart Commerce International Ltd (SCIL) CEO
Marcelo Castro Diebold Nixdorf Principal Product Manager
Margaret Liu UL LLC
Marianne Crowe Federal Reserve Bank of Boston VP Payment Strategies
Marie Jordan Visa Sr Director
Mark Stanulonis FIS Global Product Manager
Marquis Perryman Global Payments Inc. QA Manager
Maryam Poursardar Poynt
Mason Zurovchak W. Capra Consulting Group Consultant
Matt Bowe SPS Sales Director, US
Matthew Mehlman iLEX Consulting Group, LLC Compliance Specialist
Matt Howarter Walmart
Maureen Elworthy JP Morgan Executive Director
Max Astor GET Group NA Sales Manager, North America
Meaghan Lewia American Express Global Network Strategy
Megan Heinze Idemia President, North America FI
Michael Horne American Express Senior Product Manager
Michael Hyzer American Express Manager, Payment Vendor Relations
Michael Williams Discover
Michael Williams Discover Financial Services Principal Portfolio Management
Michal Kownas Starbucks software engineering manager
Mike Lindberg CHS Inc Payment Solutions Director
Mike Van Bibber TSYS Senior Product Manager
Mina Malak Hannah Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security
Mobinul Joarder Starbucks Engineer Lead
Myeong Choi Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security
Myra Reese PAX
Nancie Rudolph Perfect Plastic Printing Quality and Technical Administration Manager
Nancy Morgan The Kroger Co. Sr Manager
Nathan klessens FIS Brand Services Team Lead
Neil Dickson Visa Head of Payment Tech Services
Nick O'Connor Nidec Sankyo America Corporation Deputy General Manager
Nick O'Connor Nidec Sankyo America Corp Deputy General Manager
Nick Pisarev Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security
Nicole Kitkoski Discover
Norman Castner Equinox Payments Product Manager
Oliver Manahan Infineon Technologies Director Business Development
Pao Ly Elavon Certification Analyst
Patty Walters PAX Technology SVP Security Solutions
Paula Gaul JCB Internaitonal Credit Card Company Vice President
Paula Turner ICC Solutions Ltd CTO
Paula Walter PSECU Director Branch/ATM/Payment Operations
Paul Ganci Wells Fargo eRC Solutions Consultant
Paul Kern NCR
Paul Tomasofsky Debit Network Alliance Executive Director
Paul Uher Wells Fargo Division Manager – WFMS
Peter Muroski TSYS Associate Product Delivery Manager
Phil Segretto Discover
Randy Naylor Clark Brands, LLC VP Operations
Randy Vanderhoof U.S. Payments Forum
Raymond Ching China UnionPay USA LLC
Rebecca Wicker American Express
Rehman Baig Adyen VP Payment Partnerships
Rene Corona Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Software Engineer
Richard Combs Discover
Richard Gabai UnionPay Manager
Richard Hogan Elavon Business Technology Analyst
Ritesh Kothale Aurus,Inc Developer
Roberta Braum Starbucks Director Payments and Anti-Fraud Tech
Robert Jefferies Mastercard
Robert Lorenzini McDonald's Product Manager
Robert Malfetano
Roberto Cardenas Global Payments, Inc. Associate Director
Robert Pohl Capital One Global Payments Manager
Robin Trickel American Express VP
Rodman Reef Reef Karson Consulting, LLC Managing Principal
Rohin Patel Starbucks Software Engineering Manager
Ron Schnittman Bank of America SVP – ATM Channel Management
Rose Li Wells Fargo Product Manager
Russ Haecker Dover Fueling Solutions EMV & Aftermarket Director
Ruston Miles Bluefin Founder
Ryan Allshouse Target Sr. Manager
Ryan Zou PAX Technology Inc.
Samantha Ryczek Discover
Scott Green SHAZAM
Scott Haney Woodforest National Bank Vice President, Corp. Operations
Sean Gately Bluefin
Sharon Scace WEX Spec Technical Solutions Manager
Sida Cai UnionPay
Simi Goyal
Simon Hurry Visa Inc. Vice President
Simon Siew Dover Fueling Solutions Director of Payment Solutions
Sophie Rainford
Stephen Arebalo SPS PM and Pre-Sales
Stephen McBrayer Dover Fueling Solution Sr Principal Engineer
Steve Cole Worldpay from FIS Product Manager
Steve Gilde Paragon Application Systems Director
Steve Mathison Fiserv SVP
Steven Fox Elavon Business Analyst
Steven Wilder FIS Global Product Manager
STEWART WATTERSON PNC Bank, NA SVP, Mobile Wallet & Emerging Payments
Sue Banerjee Discover
Sumant Upasani Aurus,Inc Project Lead
Terry Mahoney
Theodore Keith Thrive Payments CEO
Thomas Griffith TSYS Product Manager
Thomas Ruback PSECU VP, Transaction Services
Todd Horinek Phillips 66 Co. Director, Payments Technology
Tom Pouliot UnionPay Business Development
Tonya Weiss Global Payments Digital Payments Consultant
Toshi Kobayashi Nidec Sankyo America Corporation Director of Sales
Trish Werking JCB International Credit Card Company Assistant Vice President
Troy Leach PCI Security Standards Council SVP
Troy Plewe American Express Sr. Manager, Global Policy
Tyler Rencher Tango Card Brand Manager
Victor Liu China UnionPay USA senior manager
Vipul Chotaliya Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Software Engineer IV
Wes Haworth Cubic Inc.
William Pitterle Toshiba TEC Senior Engineer
Ximena Contreras Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security
Zach Deng China UnionPay (USA) LLC. Manager