Art Harper, PSCU

Dr. Arthur (Art) Harper is the Director of Card Payment Solutions at PSCU. PSCU is a Credit Union Service Organization that provides credit, debit, prepaid, and ATM solutions to their 500+ member owners. He has been leading the EMV initiative at PSCU. He reached over 1,700 people thru internal and external webinars, EMV Roadshows, and one-on-one meetings discussing EMV. Art has commented in articles from CU Times, CU Tech Talk, and Payment Journal regarding EMV. He also participates in the U.S. Payments Forum Debit and ATM Working Committees.

Art has been regarded a leader in EMV migration movement not only for PSCU but for the US.  His thought leadership on conducting EMV sessions, doing interviews, meeting with individual clients / credit unions has been instrumental in getting our clients converted to EMV. Through his leadership PSCU estimates that 90% of all credit programs and 30% of all debit programs will be converted to EMV by the October 2015 liability shift date.

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