Contactless Open Payments for Transit Webinar

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The U.S. Payments Forum Communications & Education and Transit Contactless Open Payments Working Committees are hosting a webinar on contactless open payments for transit on Wednesday, May 1, 2019, at 1pm ET/10am PT.

Registration for the webinar series is available at:

With Americans averaging over 10 billion trips on public transportation annually, transit agencies are looking to create streamlined experiences with new technologies.  There has been significant growth of contactless-enabled technology in the U.S. as merchants and consumers alike are getting accustomed to the benefits of ‘tap and go’ payments.  With riders demanding similar speed and flexibility in their daily commutes, many transportation organizations are now implementing or investigating accepting contactless open payments.

The Forum webinar will provide attendees with the information necessary to understand, evaluate and accept contactless open payment cards for transit payments.  The webinar will discuss:

  • An overview of open- and closed-loop transit fare collection systems
  • The benefits and challenges of implementing contactless open payments in transit
  • A look at Transport for London’s (TfL) experience with contactless
  • The U.S. Payments Forum-developed approach for accepting contactless cards and devices in transit

Speakers include:

  • Randy Vanderhoof, U.S. Payments Forum
  • Steven Cole, Worldpay
  • Itai Sela, B2 Payments Solutions
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