U.S. Payments Forum Antitrust Compliance Statement

U.S. Payments Forum activities and meetings of U.S. Payments Forum members and participants necessarily involve cooperation of industry competitors. Accordingly, it is the express policy of the Forum to require that all of its activities be conducted strictly in accordance with applicable antitrust laws. It is therefore extremely important that members and meeting attendees adhere to meeting agendas, comply with the Forum bylaws and Smart Card Alliance Antitrust Guidelines, and at all times, be aware of and not participate in any activities that are prohibited under applicable U.S. state, federal or foreign antitrust laws.

Examples of types of actions that are prohibited at Forum meetings and in connection with its Activities are: price fixing, agreements to allocate customers or markets, boycotts and other “concerted refusals to deal”, as well as discussion of or agreements regarding discriminatory pricing, discounts, incentives, awards, penalties, compliance and enforcement programs and other related matters. Any discussion of such activity is strictly prohibited.

Please send any questions to [email protected].

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